ChiSurf is a software-suite dedicated to the analysis of fluorescence data. Its main purpose is the interpretation of fluorescence measurements by structural models and the analysis time-resolved fluorescence measurements.

Currently, ChiSurf is capable to analyze TCSPC, FCS and stopped-flow data. Its open frame-work and API allows to extend its capabilities relatively easy.

ChiSurf supports Windows, Linux and MacOS. Pre-assembled packages are available for Windows and MacOS. Currently, ChiSurf is developed for Windows.


conda install

run from bash


or run tools directly, e.g,



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The best way to report a bug or request is to contact me personally. Just pass by in my office and we can try to reproduce the bug. Right now ChiSURF is not stable. Therefore it is not officially released in the internet.

If you want to contribute the best thing you can do is writing user-documentations, examples and tutorials.